How to flexibly connect multiple injection molding machines to produce complex assemblies?

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The FlexiTek system with cushioning capacity is suitable for a variety of applications and can best meet the requirements of injection molding production. In 2020, the company plans to expand its product and service portfolio to include heavy-duty conveyor systems for waffle boxes.

Utilizing Happ's accumulated expertise in plastic injection molding production and its years of conveying and automation technology experience, various modules are being developed for ErgoTek to use flexibly. Here, special attention needs to be paid to the cost-effectiveness of the product.

FlexiTek system flexibly connects two EcoPower injection molding machines

A project recently completed by ErgoTek in the company's own production plant is to flexibly connect two EcoPower injection molding machines through a conveyor system with buffering capacity. Using this system, the inner and outer pipes of the discharge screw of the automobile oil filter are automatically assembled together, and stored after inspection and laser printing.

The two EcoPower110/350 injection molding machines integrated in the system have a clamping force of 1100kN, and each is equipped with a WITTMANN W818 robot. The two injection molding machines are equipped with a pair of two-cavity molds, and the inner and outer pipes of the oil filter discharge screw are molded. Then the WITTMANN robot takes these parts out and sends them to the camera to check the dimensional accuracy.

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