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ADAM have 20 variant injection machines with capacity range from 90 tons up to 1000 tons equipped with the robots for automatic production.
We produce the plastic parts for our customers from very precision micro-sized connector or mobile phone to large household or automotive parts.
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Hard plastic material overmolded with the same Transparent PC two pieces injected first then covered by the black PC at the second shot Interchangeable inserts for different versions 300-ton injection machine for the trials and production
It's a handle for an acrylic door, consists of 3 plastic parts, and a piece of 3M adhesive. 3 injection molds with the sliders and BeCu inserts. Front and back shell ultrasonic welded together without any damage or scratches. 160-ton injection machine for production, two mold temperature devices to control the straightness.
Auto logo for Golf, 4 cavity mold the part are plated, high gloss Tooling delivered to Europe for production.
Big part for the truck, size 480x280x140mm Left + right cavity with 12 lifters and 2 sliders Steel H13 heat treatment HRC 50-52 1000-ton injection machine for mold trial and production
Top shell is the frame for LCD display like iPad. 5 molds for 9 plastic parts. two versions of phone station. Many holes for the speaker and venting/heat sink. 14 pcs of M3 brass inserts molded directly in the top shell. 400-ton injection machine for the bottom shell. Small volume per batch.
This enclosure is for a control system of CAT engine. A hot nozzle in the mold, 4 pcs of stainless steel washer and 8-M3 brass inserts molded. It's painted and pad printed twice, 8 pcs of stainless steel tubes are assembled finally. 300-ton injection mold, small quantity per batch.
4 molds for this product, 7 plastic parts. The speaker plate is covered with the cloth. Nice texture around the surfaces of the enclosure. 250-ton machine for the top and bottom shells. Pack together to deliver, batch size 2000 sets. We have 20 variant injection machines with capacity range from 90 tons up to 1000 tons equipped with the robots for automatic production.
4-cavity 2K mold with 16 sliders Hot nozzles with 12 tips High precision and demand for the mold and parts
Overmolding processes with 3 steps Yellow hard material+black soft plastic + black hard material overmolded again 3 molds for each molding. internal thread 2 sliders for the TPE process
Handle frame for remote control of UAV, 6 sliders + 8 lifters for the mold comfortable touch feeling 250-ton injection machine for the production.
One-cavity 2K mold with 8 sliders and 12 lifters Parts to be painted and printed, different colors High precision for the complicated tooling 400-ton double shot injection machine for production
1+1 cavity mold for left and right side, Steel 1.2344 HRC 50-52, 8 sliders + 12 lifters 400-ton injection machine for molding production
This small box has 6 different kinds of the cover shared the same base (bottom shell) assembled together with the push-in hinge RF shield coating inside, silk screen for different covers silicone gasket installed for delivery. 250-injection machine for molding production, small batch quantity.
Family mold for left and right mirror shell Steel 2083 hardened HRC 48-52 19 angle lifters for the undercuts 450-ton injection machine for production
S136 HRC48-52 for high gloss surface, part plated, 2+2 cavity mold quite thick but no sink marks 250-ton injection machine for molding production
Smart product design, three different parts, The enclosure could be one layer or two layers, The white mid-frame part is stackable, the top and bottom parts are same. 4 pcs of M3 brass inserts in the posts by hot melt pressing process. Three molds, 1000 sets per batch, assembly together for delivery.
This enclosure consists of 5 plastic parts. Three blue, one grey and one transparent component. 2-cavity mold for the clear one, and one cavity mold each for other pieces. Batch size 1000 sets, assemble together for delivery. 90-ton injection machine for the LED guide part, and 160-ton machine for other units.
This box has two plastic parts Lid and Base (bottom shell) which are assembled together by a stainless steel pin/hinge. One mold for the lid, the other for the base part. 6 pcs of 6-32 brass nuts insert molded in the lid, 18 pcs of 6-32 nuts and 2 pcs 8-32 nuts in the base. 7 steps silk screen for the lid, RF shield coating inside, and the silicone gasket assembled to be water-tight. The lid has 5 versions which in one mold with the interchangeable inserts to save the costs. 350-ton injection machine for molding, and then printing, coating and assembly for delivery.
Double shot mold with 1+1 cavities, the hot nozzle for the hard plastic, three places in soft TPE, no warpage.
Very thick plastic reel, two big sliders for the mold, Beryllium copper inserts for better cooling, Long cycle time to avoid the sink marks. 300-ton injection machine to produce.
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