The phases of process for developing a new product

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When developing a new product, it is important to anticipate all the phases of the process to plan accordingly:

Concept Development: Define idea, surface potential problems, research and ergonomics, brainstorming.
3D Modeling: Create 1:1 3D CAD, Parametric modeling, Solidworks professionals, Advance surfacing
Engineering: Design for manufacturing, Cost reduction, FEA Virtual testing, Mech/Elec/ Engineering
Documentation: Prototype tech specs, Bill of materials (BOM), 2D Dimensional drawings and flat patterns
Prototyping: 3D CAD refinement, Prototype molding, casting, 3D printing, CNC machining
Patents: Patent illustrations, Provisional patent, Utility patents, Design patents, Trademarks
Sourcing: Local manufacturing, Overseas manufacturing, Cost reduction, Logistics, Short run manufacturing
Marketing: Renderings and Animations, Packaging design, Product displays, Website development, Social media development


What ADAM can do is support you with Engineering, prototype, cost reduction, molding, casting, CNC machining, PCBA, mass production and simple assembly.

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